Atal Setu: India’s Marvelous New Sea Bridge

Prime Minister Narendra ModiĀ (India) inaugurated the Mumbai Trans Harbour LinkĀ (MTHL), also known as Atal Setu, on Friday, marking the country’s longest sea bridge. It is expected to reduce the travel time between South Mumbai and Navi Mumbai from two hours to just 20 minutes. Reduced travel times mean faster movement of goods, giving a much-needed … Read more

Employee Attacked by Robot at Tesla Raises Questions about Safety Protocols

In a shocking turn of events at a Tesla factory, an employee was reportedly attacked by a robot, resulting in injuries and raising concerns about the safety of human-robot interactions in the workplace. The incident occurred during a routine operation at the factory when the robotic system unexpectedly malfunctioned, leading to an aggressive action that … Read more

kim kardashian’s holiday decor sparks the social media

“Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Trees Spark Controversy Kim Kardashian, known for her lavish displays, has found herself in the midst of controversy this Christmas all because of her Christmas trees. In a nutshell, Kim Kardashian’s Christmas trees have become more than just decorations; they’ve ignited conversations about wealth, privilege, and the right way to celebrate in … Read more

Colorado SC bars Donald Trump from 2024 presidential primary

The 14th Amendment : Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, ratified after the Civil War, disqualifies from office anyone who has “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” against the Constitution after taking an oath to uphold it. The Colorado court argued that Trump’s repeated false claims about the 2020 election, his urging of supporters to “fight … Read more