First proposed over 5 decades ago, Atal Setu also known as the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) became a reality in less than six years. 

Foundation stone of Atal Setu was laid on December 24, 2016, and construction work commenced in April 2018. In a record span of six-year Atal Setu has been made ready.

Atal Setu, a 21.8 km masterpiece that stretches across the Arabian Sea, connecting Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Bridge has its length around 16.5 km in sea and 5.5 km on land.

Wire used in this bridge can take two rounds of the planet earth, The Prime Minister Modi said at inauguration of the bridge.

it is also being said that the steel used in the making of Atal bridge can make 4 Howrah bridge and 6 Statue of Liberty. 

Length of rebar used in the Mumbai Trans Harbour link can make the height of twelve Eiffel Towers. Weight of total rebar used is 90000 tones.

Atal Setu is 27 meters high and 14.92 meters wide of each carriageway. numbers of total pile foundation for the bridge is 2058. 

Total cost of the project is 21200 crores (Indian Rupees). It will reduce the time of travel between Mumbai to Navi Mumbai to 20 minutes previous it was more than 2 hours.  The Atal Setu is India's longest sea bridge.

Atal Setu is more than just a bridge; it's a symbol of India's engineering prowess, a testament to its commitment to progress, and a harbinger of a brighter future. Best gift for Indians on Republic Day (26th January).